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The View (HD, New, TV-14) Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci hosts "Guy-Day Friday"; country music group Little Big Town performs.
7 Action News at Noon (New) The latest local, regional and national news events of the morning are presented by the 7 Action News Team along with updated sports, weather and traffic.
Right This Minute (HD, TV-PG) The interactive news program presents video from eyewitnesses around the world, revealing the latest in dramatic, thought-provoking, social and popular events.
The Chew (HD, New, TV-PG) "Battle of the Sexes" star Elisabeth Shue discusses her role and makes a fall dish with Clinton and Carla; Michael Symon goes to the Hattie Carthan Herban Farm.
Gothika (TV-14, R, **+) A psychiatrist awakens to find herself imprisoned in the asylum where she works, accused of viciously murdering her husband.
Nowhere to Run (TV-14, R, **) An escaped convict on the run hides out on a farm and comes to the aid of a widow who owns it, who is on the verge of being evicted.
Empty Nest Das Boob (TV-PG) Harry and Charley deal with the perils of being stranded at sea; Maxine undergoes some treatment in the hopes she can overcome her fear of public speaking.
Empty Nest The Girl Who Cried Baby (TV-PG) Maxine and Harry compete against each other to see who can do the better job at selling opera tickets; Carol has a number false labor emergencies.
The Drew Carey Show Two Weddings and a Funeral for a Refrigerator (TV-14) When his refrigerator breaks, Drew convinces his friends to help him win the annual employee games to claim the grand prize: a posh new refrigerator.
The Drew Carey Show The Bachelor Party (TV-14) When Drew's parents come into town to celebrate his engagement, Drew struggles to find an appropriate way to break the news that he is not getting married.
The Drew Carey Show The Sex Drug (TV-14) Drew's day in court proves to be a turbulent one when an experimental batch of sex drugs finds it's way into the Saint Patrick's Day batch of Buzz Beer.
The Drew Carey Show What's Wrong with This Episode? (TV-14) After a mix-up with a crossbow puts Wick out of commission, Drew is put in charge of the store and taken advantage of by the employees for his lax policies.
Jerry Springer B Busted Up Bae's (Repeat, TV-14) Tashauna wants to take her relationship with Chris to the next level, though he is reluctant; Ryan is a player and is only with Vivian for a place to stay.
Maury B My Dad is Not Your Father... DNA Will Prove It! (TV-14) A man claiming to be a woman's biological father suddenly begins to say otherwise; a boyfriend denies being the father to his girlfriend's second child.
The Steve Wilkos Show A Did You Steal From Your Own Family? (Repeat, TV-14) A woman believes her sister stole $12,000 worth of jewelry from her home; a man believes that his brother-in-law is a criminal and kicked him out.
Dennis the Menace Dennis Becomes a Baby Sitter (TV-G) Both Mr. Wilson and Dennis' father make mistakes in canceling their babysitters, and Dennis is forced to step into the role to care for a young guest.
Dennis the Menace Dennis and the Starlings (TV-G) Mr. Wilson nearly loses his temper while trying to rid his tree of a pesky flock of birds, but Dennis' efforts to help only attract numerous cats.
Hazel Dorothy's Birthday (TV-G) Hazel has to come in on her day off to prepare food for the luncheon being held Dorothys birthday.
Hazel Number, Please? (TV-G) Baxter gets tired of receiving phone calls from a salesperson, so he decides he wants to switch his number to an unlisted one; he later forgets his own number.
The Partridge Family What? And Get Out of Show Business? (TV-G) The Partridge family kids invite their mother to sing with their band after the regular lead singer gets sick; Danny asks Reuben to be the band's agent.
The Partridge Family The Sound of Money (TV-G) A driver fakes an injury when he realizes the drivers who bumped into his car happen to be famous and he starts to see dollar signs.
American Greed: Scams, Scoundrels and Scandals Loan Scam; Hawaiian Punched (HD) A police sting operation catches a Denver businessman who has received $50 million from 1,000 investors; a con man's scheme brings in $30 million in Hawaii.
The FBI Files Inside the Bureau (HD, TV-14) Ground breaking investigative techniques and creative resources have made the FBI the world's premier crime-fighting organization.
It Takes a Killer The Son of Sam (TV-14) Expert homicide investigators from different agencies examine evidence from murder scenes, explain how the crime was done and reveal how the case was solved.
It Takes a Killer Mad Maksim (TV-14) Expert homicide investigators from different agencies examine evidence from murder scenes, explain how the crime was done and reveal how the case was solved.
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