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The Doctors Social Media Predator Experiment! IG Star LIVE Streams Sex … By Accident? (New, TV-PG) A social media predator experiment is conducted with YouTube star Coby Persin, who lures teens outside of their homes with a fake social media account.
The View (HD, New, TV-14) "The Political View" with former Vice President Joe Biden, author of "Promise Me, Dad: A Year Of Hope, Hardship, And Purpose."
7 Action News at Noon The latest local, regional and national news events of the morning are presented by the 7 Action News Team along with updated sports, weather and traffic.
Right This Minute (HD, New, TV-PG) The interactive news program presents video from eyewitnesses around the world, revealing the latest in dramatic, thought-provoking, social and popular events.
« Miracle at Gate 213 (TV-G) Marooned at the airport on Christmas Eve due to bad weather conditions, a group of travelers are unaware that an unexpected miracle is awaiting each of them.
The Preacher's Wife (TV-PG, PG, **) A reverend with problems at home and at work prays for guidance and gets it in the form of a guardian angel who immediately begins to win over his wife.
Grace Under Fire No Money Down (TV-14) Grace and Russell attend a real estate seminar but with different objectives, Russel wants to profit in the business and Grace needs material for a story.
Grace Under Fire Aging Gracefully (TV-14) When Grace begins a relationship with her masseur, she doesn't care for his need to constantly be in control.
Empty Nest Windy (TV-PG) The Westons' decision to sell their house unfortunately coincides with a hurricane hitting Miami; Laverne is visited by her mother-in-law.
Empty Nest Talk, Talk, Talk (TV-PG) Harry dispenses medical advice to callers as the host of his own radio talk show; Carol, Barbara and Charley enter a chili cook-off.
Empty Nest Lonely Are the Brave (TV-PG) Barbara is nominated to receive a Medal of Honor for her accidental good deed, and Carol is jealous; Laverne seeks an opinion other than Harry's.
Empty Nest If You Knew Andy Like I Knew Andy (TV-PG) Harry does a favor for an old friend by giving his son a job at the hospital, but he regrets his decision quickly after seeing his abrasive bedside manner.
The Verdict A (TV-PG)
The Verdict B (TV-PG)
Jerry Springer B Best Friend or Worst Enemy (Repeat, TV-14) Fabe is a rapper who has been sleeping with his female fans behind his girlfriend Jasmine's back; Erica wants to give her boyfriend a second chance.
Maury B Teens Gone Wild... Shocking Trends Caught on Video! (Repeat, TV-14) Maury reveals some of the most unbelievable teenage trends and over-the-top behaviors ever to be caught on tape, including the disastrous results.
Father Knows Best Bud Buys a Car (TV-G) Bud buys a cheap car to impress a girl, but he discovers that the girl is not impressed and the car needs a lot more work than he had figured.
Father Knows Best Safety First (TV-G) Bud is assigned to do community service after getting a traffic ticket, but to his dismay, he is forced to work as the school crossing guard.
Dennis the Menace The Three F's (TV-G) Mr. Wilson spends an entire day as a student after lamenting the "unnecessary" programs that have caused his taxes to rise sharply.
Dennis the Menace Never Say Dye (TV-G) Mr. Wilson is asked to write the biography of a famous actress, but her false impressions of his youthful vigor cause him to dye his hair.
Hazel Kindly Advise (TV-G) Suzy is upset to learn that Barbara has enrolled her in charm school, something Deirdre had insisted on Barbara doing; there she would learn social graces.
Hazel Noblesse Oblige (TV-G) Hazel gets in an argument with another woman over a parking spot, and she doesn't realize that the woman is the wife of Steves client.
« Body Heat (TV-14, R, ***) A seductive, scheming woman convinces her lover, a small-town Florida attorney, that they can murder her wealthy husband and get away with it.
Forensic Files Seeds for Doubt (TV-14) Seed pods give the fatal clue to a case involving the death of a well-liked nurse.
American Greed: Scams, Scoundrels and Scandals Inside Trading Trio; Cocaine Cash Cleaner (HD) Three friends team up to trade on the stock market using privileged information; a money-laundering real-estate agent in Miami loses his income stream.
The FBI Files Forced Entry (HD, TV-14) Law enforcement officials struggle to find clues to a series of robberies involving thieves forcibly invading homes while impersonating police officers.
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