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« 7 Action News This Morning 6am (New) The news team presents the latest headline news from around the community, along with weather conditions, traffic reports and more.
Good Morning America (HD, New, TV-G) Pro cast reveal of "Dancing with the Stars"; actor Nnamdi Asomugha from "Crown Heights."
LIVE with Kelly and Ryan (HD, New) Hosts Kelly and Ryan have a discussion with actress Scarlett Johansson; actor Will Arnett visits the studio; DJ Steve Aoki performs.
Catch 21 (HD, TV-PG) Contestants answer multiple-choice trivia questions in the hopes of either getting a score of 21 or causing their competitors to go bust.
Judge Faith Bio-Dad DNA Pt. 2 (HD, TV-PG) Judge Faith reveals the results of a paternity test.
Judge Faith Foster Daughter Drama; BFF Betrayal (HD, TV-PG) A father who loaned his daughter his credit card goes to court after she refuses to pay him back; a woman who loaned money to her friend sues.
Half & Half The Big Home Is Where the Car Is Episode (TV-14) Mona has a hard time moving forward in her relationship when she realizes her boyfriend is living in his luxury car.
Half & Half The Big All Bets Are Off Episode (TV-14) Dee Dee invites her law professor to poker night and has a hard time accepting that she may not be best at something when she loses to Mona.
Bloodsport (TV-14, R, ***) An American soldier gives his all to honor his master and become the first Westerner to win a huge underground martial arts competition.
Grounded for Life All the Young Nudes (TV-14) Sean and Eddie hire strippers for the bar for financial assistance, and they wind up being protested by the PTA; Brad asks Lily to break up with Dean.
Grounded for Life I Right the Wrongs (TV-14) Lily is embarrassed to be seen with Brad; Sean accidentally gets a student suspended from school; Jimmy's "trademark" hair-length becomes an issue at school.
Grounded for Life Oh, What a Knight (TV-14) Sean joins Walter's Knights of Hibernia Lodge so that Lily can be eligible to participate in their beauty pageant in order to feel special.
Empty Nest Mom's the Word (TV-PG) Carol is confused about how she should approach her date, and whether or not to tell him she is pregnant; Laverne and Maxine disagree over baby shower plans.
Empty Nest Diary of a Mad Housewife (TV-PG) Carol reads some of the entries in her mother's old diary that make her feel that the pregnancy that resulted in her birth was unplanned.
Empty Nest Mother Dearest (TV-PG) Maxine's mother visits and reveals that she has glaucoma; Charley finds out the sex of Carol's expected baby, and tries not to ruin the surprise for her.
Just for Laughs Gags Best Restaurant Pranks! (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Unsuspecting passers-by are pranked by a team of jokers while their hilarious reactions are captured by an array of hidden cameras.
7 Action News This Morning on TV20 Detroit The latest national, regional and local news events of the morning are examined by the 7 Action News Team, as well as detailed reports on sports events.
The 700 Club (New, TV-G) Efrem Graham stops by to talk about the top five biggest stories in entertainment of the week.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Love is a Many Complicated Thing (TV-G) Josh tells Sabrina that he is planning on breaking up with Morgan soon; Zelda goes out with the mailman to best her dateless sister.
Mork & Mindy Sky Flakes Keep Falling on My Head (TV-G) Exidor returns with a plan to become Emperor of the Earth and generously offers to let Mork and Mindy borrow his mountain cabin for a weekend getaway.
Mork & Mindy Mork Goes Erk (TV-G) Mork reveals that Orson has ordered him to visit another planet; Bickley suffers from writer's block; Susan Taylor touts her self-help program.
Green Acres Getting Even with Haney (TV-G) Fred gets tired of Doris' nagging about having to beat their laundry on a rock in the creek and finally buys a washing machine from Mr. Haney.
Green Acres Kimball Gets Fired (TV-G) Ralph is upset when Hank is fired as the county agricultural agent and she doesn't care for his rude and disagreeable replacement.
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show The Stolen Pants (TV-G) Gracie leaves Central Park with some plants, and Harry Morton says she had committed a crime; she feels guilty and turns herself in; Ronnie takes fencing.
« Dangerous Pursuit (TV-PG, *+) Waitress tries to stop an old flame when she encounters him again and discovers that he is a hired assassin with plans to kill.
Nick of Time (TV-14, R, **+) A man is forced into an assassination plot by a group of conservative extremists who are holding his daughter hostage until the job is done.
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